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“This little rascal.” The mysterious man smilingly scolded. “He is lucky wherever he goes, that is really something to be envious about. Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Try to improve on our technology as best as we can. We are unsure when the Zergs will be sure, this is not something we can control. All we can do now is to do our best.”


In the future, whatever Dali does, I shall quietly observe from the side. If there are any good ideas, I will follow them. Hehe. His shop got so popular this time, I shall open one beside as well. Invest and earn a little. If the net profit ratio is high enough, I will apply to become a Double Aristocrat. Its good even if the pocket money is not much. Haha. Thats what I shall do!


However, that super genius actually managed to get past level thirty! How big was the disparity in their abilities?! How profoundly thrilling?! What did this super-genius look like?


Ever since they had reached the Silver-blue super-planet, Tang Muxin and the rest had been meeting Galaxy Aristocrats almost daily with Hong Dali. Would they be intimidated by a mere Honorary Aristocrat?


“Wahahaha!” After hearing that, Gate laughed uproariously. He pointed at Mihawk as he clutched his stomach. He realized that the more he looked at Hong Dali, the more he liked him.


Just let me know if there is anything you like. Jiang Qianxue smiled and said, I have gotten a better understanding of my emotions with you by my side the past two days. I should be thankful to you. Besides, you are my only friend, its not too much to give you a gift, right?

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After a brief period of confusion, Tang Muxin chose a set of light and airy cloth armor. Li Nianwei chose a set of figure-hugging leather armor. Ling Xiaoyi chose chain armor. Li Yang, Lucifer, and Levis simply just picked whatever caught their eye. There was no way that would go wrong!


Dont worry, I will come back to visit often. Hong Dali smiled and suddenly asked, Uncle Chief, from your expression, I can tell something is wrong.


Lackeys, Ignoring Tang Long, Hong Dali got stressed and exclaimed. lets go have fun at the auction!


Hong Dali’s sweat fell like water. It was Earth, indeed, in Heavenly State. But he was not sure which city…


Mister Gate’s eyes positively shone. “Wahahahaha! Good! Let me see what you got!”


“It’s necessary!” Hong Dali nodded vigorously while grinning. “In the future, display one piece of armor right here in the middle. We will sell just one a day. Once it’s sold, the shop closes!”


“Freak, abnormal!” Fei Hong stared at the big screen for a while again. Then, he suddenly looked at Jiang Qianxue who had been looking at the screen and not moved at all for a long time. He secretly thought to himself: “From the looks of it, Master’s mood is even more agitated than mine. Sigh, if this carries on, this extremely powerful super-genius might be involved with the taboo of the Galaxy Aristocracy…”



Thinking up to this point, Tianyis mood became better. He signaled at two beautiful ladies who had been observing him secretly and smiled. Beauties, how about you come over and keep me company?



When they heard what Tianyi said, the crowd exclaimed, My God, he must be a martial arts talent to pass level twenty-two!Yes, yes, only a few people from our Shenluo City passed level twenty-two. This Honorary Aristocrat must be very powerful, he advanced directly!Yes, the lackey is in danger!


“Well…” Mister Gate touched his chin and suddenly got up. His movements were so fast that, in the time it took to take two breaths, he was back in the pawnshop after suddenly rushing out. When he left, he was empty-handed, but when he returned, there was a big piece of aquamarine-colored jade in his hands. He went up to Hong Dali and dropped the piece of jade onto the ground. Then, his hand was engulfed in black mist and he lightly sliced the jade with a slash of his palm. Another two slashes and a simple jade bowl was made.


“Wrong!” Hong Dali chuckled. “Drinking wine is an art. This is good wine, but it cannot be drunk without a good receptacle! Mister prodigal, you are so careless about wines. All you do is gulp it like a brute. That will not do, it’s too unsightly. No, no! Wines must be matched with a complementing receptacle. Your cup must match your wine!”

  • The Heavenly Frost Sword was only obtainable as a reward from the treasure box on level 19! This was the best reward available for level 19, and Hong Dali actually got it!
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